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Terms and Conditions

The Product maintenance plan shall be valid for the period and Product/s as mentioned in the Plan. To receive Services under this Product Maintenance Plan, customer shall provide the plan details at the time of registering the service request. In order to avail the benefits available under the Product maintenance plan, the customer shall provide a copy of this maintenance plan document to the Service Engineer. You are advised to verify identification details of the service person at site prior to permitting any entry. In case of any change of address, the customer must inform the company one week in advance giving full details of his new address. The company shall continue to provide maintenance services at new address. It should be ensured that the product is removed and installed at the new address by the Company Authorized Service Personnel only. The cost of the removal and installation will be borne by the customer as per the prevailing Company rate. The Company agrees to provide services to the customer's equipment either by itself or, through any of its Authorized Service Centre. The service person will attempt to fix a prior appointment with you for a maximum number of 3 times. In case you are not available for more than 3 times when the attempt is made, the Company shall not be held liable for not being able to provide the service. For carrying out repair defective spare-parts shall be replaced with same or compatible working spare parts and defective parts shall be company's property. The maintenance Plan does not cover servicing or replacement of consumables items, cabinets, plastic items and batteries. Acceptance/ renewal of the plan shall be at the discretion of the company. The servicing shall be done on all working day except national or any other holidays, during normal working hours of the Company Service Centre. The customer shall provide reasonable facilities, which may be required for carrying out the servicing without any hindrance whatsoever. In carrying out its obligations Exide may, at the discretion and solely for the purposes of monitoring the quality of Exide's response, record part or all of the calls between you and Exide. During the validity of the Product Maintenance Plan, the customer shall not directly or indirectly open, alter or tamper the Product/s. Any such act shall entitle the Company to cancel the Battery Maintenance Plan forthwith as per no. 15 below. During the validity of this Product Maintenance Plan, the customer shall not be entrust the servicing of the product to any outside agency or person other than Exide. The Company's Liability under this Plan is restricted to repair of the Product/s and no other Liability whether expressed or, implied, of whatever nature shall be entertained. This service Plan is not transferable. The obligations of the Company under this Plan shall cease forthwith if the customer ceases to be the owner of equipment. No refund of any amount shall be due in such cases. The company shall be under no obligation to provide service because of improper use, unauthorized alteration, modification or substitution of any part or sr. no. of the product is altered, defaced or removed, abnormal voltage fluctuation, neglect, acts of God like earthquakes, floods, lightening, etc. or any other cause other than ordinary use. In case customer wants to cancel the plan before the expiry of the plan period there shall be no refund of the charges for the unexpired period. Battery charging/replacement are not covered under this plan. Limitation of Liability: To the extent not prohibited by law, Exide Industries Limited (EIL)and its authorised partners will not be liable for any direct, consequential, incidental, special or other indirect damages arising from these terms even if EIL has knowledge of the possibility of such damages. In the event that EIL shall fail to provide the services in accordance with these terms, EIL entire liability and customer's exclusive remedy for breach of these terms shall be for Exide to use its reasonable efforts to re-perform the services within a reasonable period of time; provided, that in the event EIL is unable to re-perform, Exide may elect to refund all payments actually received by Exide from customer for the services in question, after deducting the charges for the services already performed under this plan, in full discharge and satisfaction of Exide obligations. Such refund shall constitute Exide entire liability for damages of Exide, its employees or agents, arising from these terms whether by plan or tort exceed the amounts customer actually paid Exide to the extent not prohibited by law, the limitations in this section shall also apply to personal injury and death.